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Learn How to score 95%+ marks in your Accounts Exam of Class 12th Board & make Accounts your Strongest Subject

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Harsh Agarwal

(95% In 12th Boards)

I have secured 95% marks in the Accounts Board Exam  and Credit goes to sir. He taught each and every concept of the book in such a easy way that there is no scope for doubt. His Question bank book is something you cant miss. There are over 900 Question and each question is unique and concept builder. He is the best Accounts Teacher that I have came across.

Aanchal Verma

(95% In 12th Boards)

Easy and effective way to learn accounts from very amazing teacher – Deepak Lalwani sir! He explains so much in deep and in detail, that there is no such further doubts in the chapter. Way sir moves from Simple Question to Complex Question one by one are the sir USP. All the Concepts are very much clearly explained with lots of Question practice. Just because of his Lectures i scored 95 Marks in Accounts Board Exam and credit goes to sir. It’s so much much fun studying accounts from Deepak sir.

Saloni Gadkari

(99% In 12th Boards)

I have taken sir’s Video Lecture and I must say it is Best lecture in India. I Was under impression that accounts can’t be learn online but my thinking changed completely after watching sir lecture. I mean sir has covered whole syllabus in such a detailed way that there is no scope for doubts. He knows beforehand what doubt can come into student’s mind and explain that concept in advance. What is sir’s USP is that Sir explain the logic of every accounting entry and his question bank book is something no one can miss. Its due to sir lecture, I felt accounts is super easy. I scored 99% in Board and happy that I am Accounts Funda Student. Thank you very much sir.

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Presenting: Accounts Funda's Class 12 Accounts Lectures By CA Deepak Lalwani

(India's Most Loved Accounts Classes)

Full Course Video Lecture

Detailed chapter wise HD lectures of Class 12 in more than 240 Hours by CA Deepak Lalwani

Question Bank

All the 900 Questions of 12th class solved step by step in video lectures

Multiple View

Watch lectures multiple times whenever you want at your own pace

Fully Updated

As per Academic Year 2022-23

Unlimited Doubt Solution

Ask Unlimited Doubts Directly

Strong Fundamental

Solve Questions With Ease with in-depth Understanding

Full Course Covered

100% Course & Revisions Covered

No Internet Needed

Watch Anytime, Anywhere You Want

Let me tell you...

What all you are going to Get in this Accounts Course

#1: Comprehensive Question Bank (CBSE/ISC)

#2: In-depth Video Lectures

#3: Revision Lectures

#4: Revision Notes

#5: Exclusive Live Revision Batch

Wait! Wait! I am not Done Yet...

You will also get the below mentioned Bonuses along with our Most Awesome Accounts Course

Bonus #1 Flash Cards

Exclusive flash cards for fast and interactive learning

Bonus #2 Checklist

Checklists for progress & syllabus coverage tracking

Bonus #3 Study Planner

Study as per your own pace with personalized planner

Bonus #4 Mock Tests

Mock Test that Helps you examine your performance

Bonus #5 Zoom Calls

Get Access To Exclusive Regular Doubt Solving Live zoom Calls.

Bonus #6 Exclusive Whatsapp Group

Get Access To Our VIP Whatsapp Group Community of like minded students.

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Appreciation by My Students

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Let Me Break Down Why Is It IMPORTANT For You To Attend This DEMO Session?

#1 Learn Best Exam Preparation Strategy to aim 95% + Marks in Accounts

#2 Learn How to complete the Accounts Syllabus well in time

#3 Learn Tips and tricks to Ace class 12 Accounts board exam

#4 Learn the Best way to solve the Accounts Questions

Meet Your Teacher

CA Deepak Lalwani is a passionate teacher with a great vision. He Comes with over 15 years of experience, an expert in his field & Concept Clarity, he has always been an innovative teacher with a potential of changing student’s perspective towards his favourite subject “Accountancy”.
He has worked with some of the top Investment banking companies across world and being awarded “Employee of the Year” award for Excellence out of over 1,000 employees. He was also awarded Eduprenuer Award for excellent teaching across India in 2022
He has the ability to make students learn complex topic in accounts by his easy and simple explanation and even Students with no prior accounting knowledge can master accounting concept with ease. His aim is to make accounts easy and make student conceptually very strong so that students can solve any question in exam


He is an Online Wizard of Accounts , Chartered Accountant and a scholar. He has transformed over 1000+ students life with most of them securing 90% above marks in Accounts. He is also popularly known as 90+ Score expert.

With Thousands of satisfied students, we would love for you to join us!

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A message from our top achievers of 2021

Our Top Achievers From Previous Batches

Saloni Gadkari, Mumbai

99% Marks

Divy Agarwal, Uttar Pradesh

94% Marks

Viraj Pandya, Pune

92% Marks

Sujan Sahu, Odisha

94% Marks

Manish Saini, Mumbai,

97% Marks

Prachi Kaur, Jharkhand

95% Marks

Kajol Mercy, Kerala

95% Marks

Mehak, Ferozpur Punjab

90% Marks

Harsh Gupta, Jaipur

91% Marks

Janvi Bhola, New Delhi

92% Marks

Khushi Halwai, Mumbai

92% Marks

Aanachal Verma, Ganganagar

95% Marks

Now, Let me give you 4 LOGICAL REASONS to join our Accounts Funda Classes

Concept Clarity

Our Main Focus is to build the strong base of Accounts and focus on Strong Fundamental so that students can solve any question in exam be it tough or super tough.

Questions Practice

After we clear the concept we make sure you practice ample number of question on that so that you become expert in that. That’s why we have solved 900 Question in front of you step by step in order to make you Accounts Champions.

Revision Classes

Our Revision Class is top notch covering each and every point. It will help you in reducing your revision time significantly and will make you super confident before you enter the exam.

Doubt Solving

Our Doubt solving is our USP. Ask any doubt (small or big) and sir will solve it personally on call, whatsapp or video call. Infact you will not believe, that our course is so comprehensively that students hardly gets any doubt. On an average , we get one doubt per students per month…that’s the success ratio we have.

Accounts Funda's Student Desk

Here’s A Recap Of EVERYTHING You’ll Get

When You Grab This ACCOUNTS FUNDA’S COURSE FOR CLASS-12 (2022-23)!


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I Appreciate you for being here & we looking forward to see YOU, LIVE!! Get ready to blown away as I reveal my Most Awesome Accounts Course which is helping my students to score 95%+ Marks in Boards.

All Your Questions Answered...​

It is Self-Paced Pre-Recorded classes with in-depth lecture. You can watch anytime (even at middle of Night), Anywhere on the planet. Yes, even on the Remotest Island of World.

My own Book Consisting of 900 Questions which is quite famous among student's fraternity. Each question has different concepts and is explained in detail in the video lectures.

Physical Book (900 Questions) + Pendrive / Memory card + 240 Hours of Video Lectures + Flash Cards + Checklist + Revision Book / Lecture + Planner.

Yes, A to Z of whole syllabus is covered in the Sir Lectures plus Question bank Book. Each and every concept and question are solved in sir Lecture. Every nook and corner of books is covered.

Off Course. You can aim for highest Marks in Accounts. Almost all my Past students has scored 90+ just by referring my Video lecture and solving my questions. You can check the Review section for full details.

Doubt Solving Is Deepak Sir's Number One Priority and all doubt will be personally solved by sir over call, WhatsApp or zoom call. Rest Assured, you will have answer to each and every doubt and will love our quick doubt solving facility.

Yes. All Concept Explained in Fully Detailed Form with Focus on Strong Fundamental and In-depth Understanding followed by tons of practice on Questions.

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